About Bokhar Gostar

This company started its activity in providing the inside’s requirements of installation in 1373 which knows as a business brand (Metal Dig) and still tries to improve the productions’ quality to products lots of productions such as: Warm water boiler, Hot water boiler, Deaerator, Sand filters, Softeners, Coiled hot water generator, Heat exchanger. In addition, the company pays a lot of attention to quality in its work and this fact forced customers to name this company as the best of it. As a matter of fact, the company could do the best shot in 1381 and produced Steam Boiler and oil Heater to add its work and validity and particularly sold these products as the name of BOKHAR GOSTAR TABARESTAN. Few tears later, the company extends its work and activity based on the requirements of adjacent countries market and successfully can product steam boilers with coal fuel in order to work for Iran country with its over activity and continuous presence. So the results of the continuous struggling are successful and active presence for internal and international markets. Some products of this company:


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